Polaris All-Season Grease (4pk)


Polaris All-Season Grease is a specialized water resistant lubricant engineered for the extreme pressure and temperature demands of Polaris® snowmobile, ATV and RANGER applications. High shear stability. Superior adhesion. Multi-purpose formulation for all Polaris® applications – EXCEPT U-JOINTS. Low temperature pliability for protection at cold start-up as well as excellent high speed and high temperature protection.4 pack of 3 oz. tubes. Does not fit youth models.

  • All-Season Grease is water resistant and engineered for Polaris Snowmobile, ATV and RANGER
  • High shear stability
  • Superior adhesion
  • Multi-purpose formulation for all Polaris application EXCEPT U-JOINTS
  • Protection at cold start up
  • High speed and high temperature protection
  • 4 pack of 3 oz. tubes

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